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[Download Now!] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Comp!

Postby Jayce on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:46 am

/!\ DivinEntity Noteskin Required, Download Here /!\
Noteskin included separately so that updates can be made at a later time if necessary

Results Broadcast:

Congratulations to TaroNuke, LAER & Fraxtil for being this year's Top 3, I will be in contact with you shortly.
I would also like to give an honorable mention to torukine for their First Person Shooter file.

Results Breakdown:
The red values in each row are 4th-factor rankings, the original plan used only the top 3 scores made by judges but it resulted in a lot of ties in the list (such as Body Magic & Surface in the top 3), so the next lowest score was brought into the mix to separate them).
[Reveal] Spoiler: Jayce's Rankings
1. Surface
Just wow. The glitching effects combined with the target manipulation, foregrounds and backgrounds blending into one another made this entire chart an absolute blast to play, awesome job!

2. First Person Shooter
This chart rocks so hard, it is a perfect example of only doing what is necessary to make a chart great. The chart itself goes very well to the music and the old trope of adding “mine art” is executed perfectly with the gimmicks used. It creates an entirely fresh and immersive experience, every sound is complemented and represented with something to make it more identifiable and overall everything just feels so polished, something that is often a rarity under time constraints.

3. Mimi
I had more fun with this file than I did with any other file in the competition, I can’t fault it in any way except that it strays a bit too far from playing an actual step chart. The minigames were varied and behaved very well, not only that but competing with another human being in a game of Pong or to collect a 1-Pound note brings out the very essence of what a party chart should be. From a technical and entertainment standpoint it’s absolutely top notch but as a whole it falls below the other two files because I imagine playing it single-player or multiple times wouldn’t be anywhere near as enjoyable.

4. Body Magic
The idea of swapping between playing a chart and playing a minigame really shines in this file, it adds a true competitive element when playing against another human because of the mad scramble involved with getting through the gaps in the wall. The fact that it all goes to the beat of the music makes it even better, great job!

5. MinigameMadness
This was great fun. Lots of variety and great to play against another player. My main criticism is that the regular minigames have a timer that lasts way too long while the bosses tend to have a timer that runs way too short, there’s no real challenge when you spend most of your time waiting for the minigame’s song to end.

6. Tohoku Evolved
Gonna be honest I spent a lot of this chart thinking it was going to crash because of the general lag I experienced on my machine but it held itself together rather nicely. Great job experimenting with a bunch of different ideas, it’s just a shame that other competitors also decided to do minigame charts as this unfortunately came off as the least polished one.

7. LongInvulnerability
This is a really cool concept and I commend you for the additional work you put into making an engine for you do any chart you want in this style. It’s definitely one of those charts you bust out in front of a crowd to show how great you are however it has a major shortcoming of having the tendency to lag, I had no problem on a home computer but on a machine the experience is greatly impacted and I don’t see a lot of people being able to actually play this as it is intended to be.

8. Glitch Maniaxxxx
That one-pixel quad layer staring at me in the face and I can't do a thing about it! This chart was cool but wasn't without its shortcomings, the red screen tint is very hard on the eyes especially to those with light sensitivities.

9. Ripples
This was an interesting experience. I really dig the masking effects and all the other little effects but they didn't really seem to work together all that well in my opinion, The chart often felt like it was lacking direction or purpose in that sense.

10. John Madden 92 Opening Theme
I love how committed you are to this Madden Ambulance joke and you certainly delivered a unique experience, the only real drawback to it is that there’s nothing compelling about it. The buzz of running players down with the ambulance is very short-lived, more so when playing 2-player and you’re the one controlling the players. Good for a quick laugh but that’s about it.

11. Jah No Partial
Beat Bumpy Beat WOOOOOOAH that's basically how this went. It definitely helped with mixing things up but it kind of felt like you were out of ideas by the end.

12. Banana
I enjoyed the overall vibe the song, chart and accompanying mods gave off, the only real gripe I have is that the song went way too long to the point where the chart became too repetitive, it became a quick transition of initially having fun to becoming really bored which is a shame.

13. Toilet Story 5
This was silly but fun, you definitely started going a bit overboard with the mods being applied toward the end though.

14. Successor of Fate
Oh man, this is your one stop shop for Gimmicks, expect the unexpected and strap yourself in for a bumpy ride!

15. Blue Fever
I feel that both this file and the file ranked 16th both suffer from the same shortcomings, I’m ranking this one slightly higher though because of reasons.

16. Burn It Down
Nothing seemed to really fit together both in terms of the chart made and the gimmicks to accompany it.

17. Busta The Tank Engine
I laughed at how much of a joke you made of my personal naming conventions for the folder, step artist and so forth so good job there, hahaha. But using my Technyancolor gimmick in its entirety and performing a graphic swap isn’t enough for me to give this any sort of a rating because you didn’t really do anything, it was fun though.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Cameron's Rankings
Princess Mimi's Quality Fun Time - Holy crap. As usual you've raised the bar for gimmick charts. Bonus points for dealing with the start button problem. The mini games are excelllent - I love cash & carry.
Surface - Holy shit I lost it so hard at the drop that Jayce's neighbours came over and complained (not even making that up). Charts like this make me wish there was a separate category for programming style charts because I love this so much. I'll be playing this for such a long time. It's perfect.
Body Magic - AWWW SHIT. This is God damn ART right here. I love everything about this chart, it's beaufiful. Extra respect for programming the AI and testing for the noteskin.
Minigame Madness - WOW! I love it! Every minigame is well thought out and fun. This file is a really good experience.
Long Invulnerability - I really like this! I wish I could give you more credit for writing an extra piece of software to generate levels but since that's outside of StepMania it feels wrong. I would probably rank this higher if the lag weren't such a big deal on older hardware.
First Person Shooter - Props for doing a some old school gimmickes with the mines, that was really nice to see. Everything goes really well with the music and the chart is so fun to play.
Tohoku Evolved - Nice! The minigames were enjoyable and the steps were fun! I like it!
John Madden 92 Opening Theme - Wow this is so fun haha! The start button is a bit problematic though and it could be a little clearer which footballer you have selected.
Ripples - NICE! The foreground gimmicks towards the end were super enjoyable without getting in the way, good job!
Glitch Maniax - Really fun! I love the laser show, and everything after the RICHARD was really euphoric. The white quad in the middle of the screen was a little bit annoying.
Busta The Tank Engine - LOL. I am so happy this exists. This is something I think I will continue to play.
Jah No Partial - Good use of mods to compliment the music, fun chart to play.
Banana - This is so great, I was smiling the entire time I played it. The mods go really well with the song and aren't obtrusive. The minions were fun too.
Toilet Story 5 - I love the Toilet Story songs! Your chart was really fun and the gimmicks were appropriate, nice one!
Successor of Fate - Was really nice to see some real classic style gimmicks in this one, solid effort.
Burn It Down - The chart was pretty fun and the mods went reasonably well with the song.
Blue Fever - Good effort. On my installation of OpenITG with the groovenights theme, the percentage and life remained visible. I don't know if that was intentional but it seemed weird since everything else was hidden. The mods were OK but it became overkill towards the end in my opinion.

[Reveal] Spoiler: TaroNuke's Rankings
Well, I guess I should let people know my criteria. I am not here to rate you down your steps unless they actively hinder my enjoyment of the file.

Replay Value: Am I Likely to play this file again?
Difficulty Balance: It's about how I feel on the chart, would I be able to do it, or does the difficulty feel appropriate for the task.
Presentation: Does it look good? What about in 2 player mode? > : ) Also, this factors in technical expertise or anything else likely to make me say "HOLY SHIT". This also includes spur-of-the-moment impressiveness and can even be accented by the song choice and timing.
Kek: Did it make me smile
HOLY SHIT quotient: For use when a file isn't supposed to be Kek - did the file impress me in some other way.
Spirit: It's kind of hard to explain, but bear with me. Does the file feel as if you really gave it your all?

Also if your file has multiple difficulties or settings, I'm counting that as extra effort and work put in. I know Jayce said highest/specified only, other difficulties are optional, but by including them it shows you care :D Now, it's worth noting that if it doesn't feel like your file NEEDS an extra difficulty, it probably doesn't, and I'm not likely to play it and give you credit for it.

At the risk of sounding like a total fuckhead, take these reviews with a grain of salt. I did my best to judge everything fairly, but in some cases it's like comparing watermelons to good laptop batteries, they're too different and awesome in their own ways. And well, if you don't like what I say about your file, you can always ignore my review since only the n highest scores count.

It's very hard to be unbiased in the steps vs. minigames debate.

Resolving ties is hard.

42 Long Invulnerability
40.5 Ripples
39 Minigame Madness
38.5 Surface
38 John Madden 92 Opening Theme
37 First Person Shooter
36 Touhou Evolved
32.5 Toilet Story 5
32 Banana
31 Burn it Down
28.5 Successor of Fate
28 Jah No Partial
26 Busta the Tank Engine
18 Blue Fever
0 Body Magic
0 Princess Mimi's Quality Fun Time

This is a fun file. The song is cute, and the gimmicks where used work well.
The issue I have with it though, is that this file is a bit too long.
I especially liked the ending with the drunk, and the background shenanigans genuinely made me smile.
You could have followed the mechanical noises with some flip/invert shenanigans, or some distant/hallway etc.
It's just that the sound really sounds like it could have been accented with a mod effect.
Many of the mods felt a little *too* tame.
My main gripe is that if you had made a cut of this file that was like two minutes,
and boiled it down to its essential and most fun parts, it would have been much more enjoyable.
The chart and patterns were great, and the difficulty balance was handled well.

Replay Value: 5/10 - If only to show others
Difficulty Balance: 7/10
Presentation: 6/10
Kek: 8/10
Spirit: 6/10

Tiebreak (with Toilet Story 5): +0
This was a hard tie to resolve.
My original logic was going to be "Banana file makes better use of graphics", but in a counter argument,
Toilet Story makes better use of mods.
I'm awarding Toilet Story the point because the song isn't annoying.


Blue Fever:
The use of stops with beat in the intro was cute, and I also liked the hallway/distant thing towards the end.
The hallway/distant seems to end a little prematurely, though (about 2 beats)
I'm having to break my law of chart amnesty to say that the steps were nearly unplayable - it's generally a good
idea to simplify the chart when you're applying "loud" mods, it's a pretty delicate balance that comes with time.
The unpredictable speed changes also seem to hurt this file.

If you're going to force overhead and no mini, it's important to account for the user's speed mod, perhaps
by forcing it to a reasonable value or something.

Replay Value: 2/10
Difficulty Balance: ????
Presentation: 3/10 - Some attempt was made to use mods, but some polish is necessary.
Kek: 4/10
Spirit: 8/10 - You tried


Body Magic:
This file does a few neat things - even though it must be played in 2p mode, if one of the players doesn't hit
any arrows before the first minigame section begins, they will be replaced with a CPU opponent.
Selecting the "dizzy" mod to watch a CPU vs. CPU battle is also a pretty neat touch.
A lot of visual effects are controlled/handled in a rather neat way, which involved using timed message broadcasts
being handled by a controller. Also when characters get hit by the walls it's cute.

0/10 the sync is awful

Burn it Down:
A minute long stream is not a gimmick.
There were lots and lots of individual sections in this chart that I liked a lot, like the
16th boxes stream during the slowdown (LULULULUDRDRDRDR), which was fun to read.
However, it was interspersed with long sections of no actual gimmicks, which makes it shit hurts the overall impact.
I feel like a cut of the song should have been made, allowing you to use a concentrated selection of your best ideas
to really blow me away.

Replay Value: 5/10 - Perhaps
Difficulty Balance: 6/10 - This file seemed to throw difficulty at me for no real reason towards the end, without actually having gimmicks.
(Though footswitches are gimmicks, I guess?)
The primarily moddy sections were rather fun, difficulty wise.
Presentation: 6/10 - The file is filled with dead time, but the parts that did have gimmicks showed effort.
Something of note is that consistency is nice with mods. You had some neat things going with that intro section,
such as the 50% flip, and the split, but you switched it up a little too rapidly, and before long it looked like you'd ran out of things to do.
Kek/HSQ: 6/10
Spirit: 7/10 - When it was good, it was good, but when ideas were sparse, it showed.


Busta the Tank Engine:
I am happy this file exists.
I don't care what anyone says, it's going to be my first 15.

EDIT: I've been told it's more like a 14 :( Oh well, I still want to pass it.

While I did laugh a lot at this file though, I believe it would be unfair to rank it as highly as other
files because it doesn't really look as though heart was put in it. It's pretty much a DOWNS file.

Replay Value: 6/10 - I am more likely to than not
Difficulty Balance: 6/10
Presentation: 4/10 - not much work was put into the FG, it's just Jayce's code reskinned. Some decent simple m0d though.
Kek: 8/10 - christ.
Spirit: 2/10 - it's pretty much a troll submission


First Person Shooter:
Very, very solid file.
A lot of mods that are used well, and work very well with the music.
It was definitely a bit on the long side, but it was kept interesting enough by the varied and thought out mods.
The file had some pretty noticeable dead time, which would have been alleviated with a cut.
Chart was really solid though, the 24th bursts were fun.

Nice code.

Replay Value: 7/10
Difficulty Balance: 8/10
Presentation: 8/10
HOLY SHIT quotient: 6/10
Spirit: 8/10


This is freakin FUN.
The song was catchy as hell, the mods were very flashy and fun to play, and the steps were solid.
The animations of the playfield tweens were punchy and felt well timed and most importantly, consistent.
The throwback to lawless was also neat, and the animation and timing of that whole section just went with the song really well.
Also, I found the text in the middle of the screen was cute, and looks a lot better than an ugly system message.
Ran great on a cab by the way (y)

Lol, dragonlady sample.

There was definitely a bit of dead time, I felt some mods could have been done to the record scratching sounds.

Replay Value: 8/10
Difficulty Balance: 8/10
Presentation: 8/10 - gotta love those punchy animations and timing on the playfield/screen tweens
Kek/HOLY SHIT quotient: 7/10
Spirit: 8/10

Tiebreak (with Minigame Madness): +1
While both files have dead time, Minigame Madness's dead time is markedly deader.

Tiebreak (with Ripples): +0
This file loses out on the point because I liked the bit with the colors and static in Ripples more.


Jah No Partial:
I don't have too much to say about this file.
It was pretty solid, but there was a lot of dead time in which nothing particularly interesting happened.
The rotation mod was neat.

This code is in desperate need of a mod table, look at First Person Shooter or Ripples for an example.

Replay Value: 5/10
Difficulty Balance: 7/10
Presentation: 5/10
Kek/HSQ: 5/10
Spirit: 6/10

Tiebreak (with Successor of Fate): +0
I feel like Successor or Fate had more time put into it.


John Madden 92 Opening Theme:
This file is legitimately pretty hard to judge, because of how different it is from pretty much everything else, but I'm gonna have to try.
For the most part, everything is very well presented.
Holy shit this thing is 3D and has a radar and it's awesomely implemented too.
Possibly an art style thing, but I think it might have benefit from having a seperation of sky and grass
or a proper BG of some kind.
The sprites animate very well, I have no idea how you got the angles and all that to work.
The combo system is well implemented too, and trip bonuses actually feel satisfying to get.
For a few minor gripes, it's worth pointing out that it's kind of difficult to understand which player
P2 is going to be controlling next, and it seems a bit too hard for P2 to do any actual escaping, but it's definitely
better than this being a 1P only file.

Replay Value: 6/10 - Aside from showing friends, I think the game itself lasts a bit too long.
Difficulty Balance: n/a (more of a toy? A lot of rng, uncategorizable, etc.)

Presentation: 8/10 - holy shit this thing is 3D and has a radar. Also holy shit that animation code.
Well presented tutorial, could have done with a proper background I guess.
Kek/HSQ: 9/10 - THE TALK SPRITE kills me. The plot also amused me quite a bit.
Also good job on the gameplay features (Head on bonus, combo system, trip bonus).
Spirit: 8/10 - Definitely the sort of thing the comp is about.


Long Invulnerability:
This file is also very difficult to rank, for similar reasons to John Madden.
It would have been neat if it were 2 player.
It's great how synced everything is to the music

Nice code, I always like looking at your OOP

"It's weird seeing a Mario Bros. 3 run sprite in the Mario Bros. 1 gameworld"

Replay Value: like 11 (10/10) - Probably the thing that was made with the most replay value in mind of the tournament.
It was incredibly addictive, with a pronounced "one more try" effect upon death.
Difficulty Balance: 6/10 - It could have been a LOT worse. It does a very good job of teaching you how to
play in the beginning, but this becomes a little frustrating as once you've done the beginning once it's
very easy, and it has some nasty spikes of difficulty towards the end (even though once you get past
those it becomes really easy again - as nice as the ending was).
Having only one life is suffering.
Presentation: 8/10 All of the animations are true to the original and the motions feel good and work well.
Kek/HSQ: 9/10 - Bowser xD / Holy shit this is actually a pretty accurate Mario, nice engine.
The way you catch up after falling behind also works very well.
Spirit: Yes (9/10)


Minigame Madness:
Wow, this is a file.
From the opening menu, you know you're in for something, just from the way that it's laid out.
The fact that players have to sign in and can even sign back out is a very nice touch, that really
adds to officialty's seal of offical gamenings.
The graphical presentation on a lot of the games is spectacular, and the delivery of many of the
little in-jokes is glorious.
This file also definitely has the best use of random 3D models of the tournament.
The whole thing is near perfect, but I do have a few gripes.
The biggest gripe I have with this file is that some games have a lot of down-time once you've beaten
them, when you're waiting for the song to end. That and the very long duration of some of the timers
means it's almost possible to spend more time waiting for game transitions than actually playing the game.
I also think that perhaps more could have been done to flux the RNG so that you don't get the same
games so many times in a row - it's actually really difficult to see all the games, and certain
games seem to come up so much more than the others (I got chocolate, find and catch a lot, and never got the
sunglasses game even after half an hour of play)
I also was expecting it to get a bit harder over time, since once you know all the games, it's really
easy to end up playing this for literally forever, which might not be a good thing in an arcade environment.
Other than those minor things though, really, really great file.
Always looking forward to seeing more from you!

Code-wise, the way the minigames are handled is intelligent.

Replay Value: 7/10 - There is a 100% chance I will play this file more times
Difficulty Balance: 7/10 - While some things were a lot harder than they seemed when played on pad (not a bad thing at all)
It's balanced for what it is, but some things are a little bit *too* easy at times - possible to play forever without
a change in difficulty, perhaps an ending is necessary if it isn't going to get harder.
It's neat that you can adjust the lives in the options too.
Presentation: 9/10 - yes
Kek: 7/10 - It only loses points for repeating itself a bit too quickly/much.
Spirit: 9/10

Tiebreak (with GLITCH MANIAXXXX): +0
While both files have dead time, Minigame Madness's dead time is slightly deader.

Tiebreak (with Surface): +0
Another exception to my rule of chart amnesty, this time to resolve a tie - if I didn't
find Surface's chart really obnixous, Minigame Madness would have lost here and been given -0.5


Princess Mimi's Quality Fun Time:
Not a simfile, possible to play forever, 0/10 no steps worst file 2014


Man, this file is so chill.
The static+colors mask is incredibly cool, and the split/alternate mod section is a fun challenge.
I think some of the emptier sections could have been spiced up with some more basic mods, though.

Replay Value: 8/10
Difficulty Balance: 7/10
Presentation: 8/10
Holy Shit Quotient: 9/10 - I literally said "oh woah" at the color/static mask
Spirit: 8/10

Tiebreak (with GLITCH MANIAXXXX): +0.5
This file gets the point because I liked the bit with the colors and static here more.


Successor of Fate:
For what it's worth, I actually enjoyed this file a lot more than I thought I would.
I liked the song but found it a bit weird that it changes version abruptly mid-song.

Replay Value: 7/10 - I don't know why, I just like it. Nice song.
Difficulty Balance: 7/10 - Doesn't really do anything wrong - the gimmick was learnable.
Presentation: 4/10 - Doesn't do much that's new or original (hi Robotix) and many consider rainbow steps unattractive.
Kek/HSQ: 5/10 - It impressed me that it stayed on sync through the gradual speed changes.
I see an excel document in there, was a lot of math involved?
Spirit: 5/10

Tiebreak (with Jah No Partial): +0.5
I feel like Successor or Fate had more time put into it.


Very cool file.
The wavy video obstructing the bottom of the screen was great to look at but didn't feel
particularly good on pad if you didn't know the chart already.
The use of videos was awesome, and the quad hold with the glitch overlay is incredibly cool
(even though I really hate quad holds, I'll never be in an environment where they're consistently holdable).
The videos lagged quite a lot on cabinet, maybe they can be made lower quality?

Replay Value: 8/10
Difficulty Balance: 6/10
Presentation: 9/10 - Wow, very good use of videos.
Holy Shit Quotient: 8/10
Spirit: 8/10

Tiebreak (with Minigame Madness): -0.5
Another exception to my rule of chart amnesty, this time to resolve a tie - if I didn't
find Surface's chart really obnixous, it would have won here and been given +0.5 instead of -0.5


Tohoku Touhou Evolved:
This thing is great. A lot of it feels very good, but a lot of it doesn't - there are some
rather sloppy cuts and transitions here and there that don't sit well with me (such as songs ending
on incomplete measures - Ignis Fatuus and PAANOiA HADES stick out really badly) and some of the graphics seem
weird and unpolished (especially on the sprite positioning and animation during the ending battle).
There is a big incentive to replay this file to get the true ending, but please just let the file finish
and go to the evaluation screen instead of restarting it - it's not good to let players play forever
in an arcade environment at all, and it would have made perfect sense to end the file at the artificial ending.
The fact that it works in 1 player is very good and allows the extra to be possible on my own.

Code-wise, I think it's really cute that you made a DE version of anything eater.

Critiques on individual segments:
Game selection gives a little too much time.
"Warm up" microgame lasts a little too long (OPINION), and the fade at the end of it is a little jarring.
Unzan section was very cool.
"Dodge anchors" game isn't very fair.
Match 3 game needs a "not held" button check, as the hard drop (down) is oversensitive and
will keep instantly dropping blocks. Otherwise it works very well, I wouldn't be able to
code something like this elegantly.
Pachinko + "???" (step) minigames have way too much time, but work well.
"Spend money" dumps a lot of information on you very quickly and is rather difficult to perform in the time given.
"If you don't get fantastics, this thing will happen that makes it harder to get fantastics"
is a pretty flawed game mechanic imo.
"Keep the beat" was hard to make sense of, the animation during the tutorial didn't seem to
line up correctly to the sound in an obvious way. I wasn't sure whether to continue following
the (offsync?) sound in the tutorial or to follow the drum animation.
Every other game is great, pretty much. I liked cut the cake and find the treasure a lot.
Items seem to spawn inside the players a lot during the Youmu fight.
During the extra, it's difficult to tell if you're meant to shoot the pickups or not, or if it makes a difference.
I'm assuming you are.
Exiting with start during "but the future refused to change" seems to lock up the game

This file can also never save scores on certain setups because it forces something on (hide background?)

Replay Value: 9/10 - Honestly something this file does very well.
The good number of minigames means it's possible to get different things to choose from fairly often.
The Youmu battle is a lot of fun when you get used to the controls.
Difficulty Balance: 8/10 - It intentionally takes a few attempts to get good at it, in a way that's handled rather well.
Charts are solid too. Extra is inventive.
Presentation: 5/10 - Where this file falls a little short. Good steps, decent mods, weird cuts and graphics.
There's no way to skip some of the text though, making some of the tutorial text feel really long after multiple playthroughs.
If you beat youmu early, you really have to wait a full 20 seconds before anything else can happen - this doesn't feel good.
A similar thing happens on beating Nue early.
Also, does [Japanese text] ending intentionally have a long, awkward silence between Nue and Reimu?
Kek/HSQ: 6/10 - Occasionally cringey.
Spirit: 8/10


Toilet Story 5:
Cute n__n
I liked quite a few of the flicker gimmicks even though they were a little inconsistent.
What I mean by that is, when I hear a specific sound and see a good mod going to it, I'd expect to see
a the same or similar mod assigned to that sound the next time it occurs, it helps to make the chart more memorable.
The part with the decelerate went with the music unexpectedly well and I approve.
Some of the mods were a little klasdkfskaslfk too but it wasn't anything that would fail someone, they could have used
a little fine tuning for difficulty though.

Replay Value: 6/10 I like the song choice
Difficulty Balance: 6/10
Presentation: 6/10
Kek/HSQ: 7/10 - definitely a cute file n__n
Spirit: 7/10

Tiebreak (with Banana): +0.5
This was a hard tie to resolve.
My original logic was going to be "Banana file makes better use of graphics", but in a counter argument,
Toilet Story makes better use of mods.
I'm awarding Toilet Story the point because the song isn't annoying.


[Reveal] Spoiler: SteveReen's Rankings
1) Mimi's Quality Fun Time (9.5/10)
2) Body Magic (9/10)
3) Surface (8.7/10)
4) Ripples (8.6/10)
5) Tohoku Evolved (8.5/10)
6) John Madden (8.4/10)
7) First Person Shooter (8/10)
8) Minigame Madness (7.9/10)
9) Glitch Maniaxxx (7.5/10)
10) Banana (7/10)
11) Jah No Partial (6.5/10)
12) Toilet Story 5 (5.5/10)
13) Busta the Tank Engine (4.5/10)
14) Burn It Down (4.4/10)
15) Successor of Fate (3/10)
16) Blue Fever (1/10)
Und) Long Invulnerability (0/0)

Average score: 6.75/10 -- People really brought it this year :)

0-10 scale

This file does a few things I really like, but is a bit lacking at the same time. The dancing minions are incredibly cute, although not a whole
lot is done with them throughout the file (the ending is pretty funny though). The song is really catchy and for the most part the steps complement
it well, with simple mod combinations sprinkled in to add to it. The stop gimmick thing in the middle was also particularly neat and I thought it
worked pretty well; I actually had to play the song more than once to get it haha.

One thing I thought was particularly awkward were a few of the "BA NA NA!" 12th patterns; they had weird doublestepping that didn't seem intentional
and/or didn't really work.

This file doesn't really do anything horribly wrong, but as a whole it's a bit lacking. The mod combinations are pretty simple throughout, the minions
don't do a whole lot aside from the ending, and the biggest challenge presented is from the one stop gimmick in the middle. But most of all, this chart
lacks a bit in its steps. The steps start to get a bit repetitive during the middle-end, and looks a bit boring at that point. Also, I wasn't a huge
fan of the holds at the end, but that's a minor point.

+ Cute n__n
+ Stops
+ Steps mostly flow
- Some annoying doublesteps
- Chart gets a bit boring
- Lacking a bit overall
- Ending holds

Blue Fever:
Okayyyyy. There is so much going on in this chart, but I have to be honest. Little to none of it works well at all. First off, you forced Overhead
at the beginning of the chart without taking into account people's possible different speed/perspective preferences. It's fine to force mods, but
you should force a specifically comfortable speed while you're at it, otherwise people like me who play on Hallway are stuck reading at 800+ Overhead
with additional mods everywhere, and that shit's annoying. That, and when played on 2-player the 2nd player is always on top, making it extremely hard
for P1 to get any feedback on their steps, and when both players have different speeds on it looks like a huge mess.

Next, the mod combinations themselves are almost all either unfitting, unnecessarily hard to read or some combination of the two. The spread out columns
is probably the tamest and most fitting gimmick here, but it's nothing all that original, and is overshadowed by the fact that the slowdowns don't
make any sense at all. The shaky parts would be okay, except I still don't feel like they're complementing anything in the song, and only make the fact
that the chart is a sloppy mess all the more frustrating.

Regarding the steps, there is little to no flow to them at all. You should be conscious of patterning, what flows on pad and what doesn't. This file
is littered with doublesteps that don't make any sense -- even in the 16th runs! Why are there spin patterns in a 16th run? What is that supposed to
be following in the song? You really need to learn how to make steps that flow and make sense, because as it is there is no way I would play this on
pad. And as mentioned earlier, the mod combinations only make the inconsistent mess of a chart more frustrating to try to play.

Lastly, the ending gimmick is way over the top. It looks kinda cool, but it isn't practical because it's near impossible to actually read the arrows.
This is just annoying to play and doesn't strike me as creative so much as just a random weird idea thrown in where it doesn't belong (the kind of thing
you'd see in a sandbox file, haha).

I may sound harsh here, but I'm being constructive. I'm giving you specific reasons that I don't like this chart, and how you can improve it. Learn
better step patterning -- think about foot placement while you're stepping and ask "does this make sense/would I want to do this?" Don't put slowdowns
in the song where they make little to no sense as an excuse to add gimmicks, don't make mod combinations that are unnecessarily impossible to read,
and consider the possibility of what people may have selected in the mod menu (applying "clearall" can work well to that end). To give my honest opinion,
I think this file is all around not very good.

- Doesn't consider player options
- Unnecessarily hard to read mod combinations
- Unnecessary slowdowns
- Annoying/inconsistent/sloppy steps

Body Magic
Quick note: " 's command "Init" defined twice " error occurs in windowed SM. It doesn't crash and won't affect my score, but figured I'd point it out.

This file is downright beautiful. I'll say that my favorite thing about this file is definitely the visuals, and how they complement the song. I'm not
even sure how to describe it; it's like some kind of acid trip, but if instead of having an acid trip you were playing a simfile with cool graphics.

The steps themselves aren't too hard, but that's a good thing here. The mod gimmicks are all around very creative and go to the song in really neat ways;
I particularly love the sort of zoom-in-zoom-out P1-P2 thingy in a few places with the 8th notes. I will say that toward the end the complexity of the
rhythms combined with the mod combinations were just a bit much for me, but it still mostly worked (and didn't cause me to fail or seem overly unfair).
This is mostly a matter of personal taste; that's all I can say.

The minigame section is pretty awesome too. I really liked the inclusion of CPU AI with selectable difficulty. Nice touch there, along with the fact
that the CPU will control the other player if it's obvious that there isn't another player on the pad (I hadn't even thought of that while I was playing
the file, well played heh). It'd be neat if the score calculation was done for you though; as in, if instead of "add __" at the end it just displayed
the appended score. That's a small issue, but it'd have been nice.

All in all this file is a pretty mesmerizing experience, and something I'd play multiple times if for no other reason than the chill ride :) Well done.

+ Holy shit these graphics
+ Music really goes well with the effect of the visuals
+ Nice mods
+ Cool minigame
+ Attention to detail - CPU AI, conditionally controlled by other player or CPU
- Ending mods/rhythms are a little much
- Evaluation could be better

Burn It Down:
This file doesn't do anything egregiously bad, but its biggest problems come from the file simply overstaying its welcome. This jawn is over 4 minutes
long, without any real reason. It's not a stamina chart, but has a lot of redundancy and fluff that just makes the file last longer without doing
anything new or interesting in the meantime, and as a result, feels really boring.

I should point out that I don't _really_ dislike a whole lot of what this chart did really -- the step patterns are ~okay~ that is that they're neither
amazing nor bad, the mods are for the most part decent but not the most creative thing I've seen. I think my favorite gimmick here was the vibration
thing, and the fade out looked kinda cool too. On the other hand, I wasn't a fan of the use of 50% flip (though it didn't last too long and wasn't
_that_ hard to read, admittedly), or the tornado-ish effect in the later slowdown. I also didn't like the footswitches.

In terms of the steps and gimmicks used this file falls right in the realm of mediocrity for me; not doing anything particularly amazing but at the same
time not being terrible. But on top of that the file is unnecessarily long and as a result, just ends up being a bore to play.

~ Mod usage
~ Steps
+ Vibrate
- Footswitches
- Long, boring

Busta the Tank Engine:
I'm not even sure what to say here, hahahaha. This file is hilarious, but I'd feel wrong to score it high. It's really short and stupid, but the
laughs bumped it up a little.

~ Is this a joke file?
+ I laughed
- Not exactly a good file (short, not fun, bland)

First Person Shooter:
This is really good! This basically reminds me of a classic course file, but there's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't try anything too crazy and
succeeds very well at what it does. The song is awesome and all the stops and mod combos feel like they belong. The steps flowed super nicely too; I
loved the 24ths as well as the jacks near the end. There are a few areas where I feel like it's almost impossible to expect what's coming on your
first play, but this falls under the "Not an SRT" area for me, where I don't mind having to play a chart 2 or 3 times to learn a couple things.

Not a whole lot else to say about this one. Good song, good steps, good mods and gimmicks. Nice one.

+ Stops and speed gimmicks complement the song very well
+ Mod combos flow and feel like they work with the song really nicely
+ Very well charted
+ Used mines before the beginning of a chart in a way that I actually think is cool (this is an accomplishment)

This was all pretty well done. There were a lot of neat touches here that accented different pieces of the song, and there was a really nice variety
throughout. Some of the things used worked better than others, but mostly none of it felt like it didn't belong.

The beginning part of this file has a cool masking effect, followed by some twitchy/zoomy things that go to the vocal samples really nicely. The rhythms
used here do a good job of adding a little extra challenge in a way that makes sense, but isn't overly obnoxious. One thing I'll point out that's a
little annoying is in the middle, Player 2 is placed on top of Player 1 with no transparency or variability, so P1 gets little to no feedback on their
steps. This is a thing that tends to look bad to me, so keep that in mind.

I'm a bit divided on the flashy part in the middle. On one hand it's a pretty technically cool section, and does work pretty well with the song. On the
other hand, I don't actually *like* it all that much. Somewhere between the colors/graphics used and how many things are going on at once makes it look
a bit sporadic -- which isn't _completely_ a bad thing but it's just a bit much for my taste. The RICHERD gag was also a good laugh, but I don't think
it was a very good inclusion. If there was anything that felt out of place, like it didn't belong, that was it. The very ending was also really cool.

One other note, I had to change "score1" and "score2" to their respective screen objects that you set them to. This is probably a themeside issue (I
assume Simply Love had variables set to those names which caused overwriting) but it's an important point. You should use better naming conventions
to avoid overwriting outside variables. I did *not* take any points off for this.

+ Mods all go to the song well
+ Varied and fun steps
~ Middle part is flashy and looks cool, but a bit much for my taste
~ RICHERD gag was funny the first time but doesn't feel like it belongs
- P2 on top of P1

Jah No Partial
To get right to the point, I don't really have a ton to say about this file. Most of what it does is fine, but it just doesn't actually do a whole lot.
The same mods are used for upwards of around 20% of the song at a time; there isn't a whole lot of variety here to keep it interesting. The steps are
also a bit bland with a lot of really easy patterns and boring streams. The most noteworthy thing here is the perspective/reverse gimmick going on near
the end, but that and a few other mod changes isn't gonna get you a high rank in this comp. It's not a bad file, but it's not doing anything really
interesting either.

+ Steps and mods are fine
- Not a whole lot of variety

John Madden 92 Opening Theme
The first thing I'm going to say about this file is that the Madden talking animation is like my favorite thing ever.

Seriously look at this. This shit is amazing, I lose my shit every time I see it. It kind of makes me want to watch the tutorial every time I play it.
Speaking of, the inclusion of a tutorial here was a really nice touch both in terms of the comedic presentation and the fact that it actually gives a
good idea of what's going on, especially considering this is a pretty different kind of game than we've seen with SM before.

For anyone who doesn't know, this file is playing off of the classic issue with Madden '92, where the ambulance actually knocks players over when it
comes to pick them up. Seriously, look up "Madden ambulance" on youtube and you'll find a video of it; it's hilarious. And now you get to _be_ the
ambulance. This is every classic "Madden" fan's dream finally realized. I get to be that ambulance? This is amazing! 10/10 ! !

Anyway this is a pretty neat little minigame. Drive THE TRUCK around and knock over the players as they run away. It's a really simple idea that is
surprisingly really fun, partially because of the inclusion of some extra scoring bonuses for hitting a player head-on, hitting a player into another
player, and a combo bonus for stringing together multiple hits. Honestly, these three scoring elements may not seem like much, but for me they make
the difference between a simple, funny one-off minigame and something I want to come back to multiple times. Combo bonuses make you think and actually
strategize how you want to hit players -- who you want to go for first so as to get the most efficient bonus. Trip bonuses also add to this by making
it rewarding to go after players that are lined up with each other, and the head-on bonus affects this in the same way. These additions to the scoring
system add a dynamic to this that gives it more replayability, which is nice.

Also a cool addition is the ability to control the players with Player 2. This idea reminds me a bit of Duck Hunt in a way. In that game, Player 2
could control the ducks, and it added this neat dynamic where you could make the game either co-operative or counter-operative simply depending on how
you want to play it. In the case of this game, it's pretty similar. Player 2 can try to line up combos for the ambulance, or they can take control
of the football players and flee for their lives as their maniacal pursuer draws ever closer.

While really funny and pretty replayable, this is a pretty simple file. It doesn't do anything wrong and for what it is it's pretty great, but it
doesn't quite blow me away either.

+ John Madden animation
+ Scoring bonuses
+ Player 2 controls
+ I get to play as the Madden ambulance
- A bit simple

Long Invulnerability: Undefined/10 WHO MADE THIS SHIT IT SUCKS

Minigame Madness:
I feel like a lot of people are expecting this to be placed higher than I'm placing it, so I'm going to try to justify myself as much as I can. In fact
I kind of feel like I might even be rating this too high as it is, but I would be remiss to not at least give it a lot of credit for how graphically and
technically impressive it is. I mean, there's definitely a lot of good stuff here. The minigames are all well made (despite that I got like a million
"defined twice" errors upon starting up the file, but whatever), look pretty awesome, and do really creative things to work within the limitations of
ITG. Some of the minigames are better than others, and personally I found the most fun in the boss stages. A really nice touch is the inclusion
of an options menu that allows you to set up how many lives you get, and how many swages in between bosses. So to be clear, this file has a pretty
awesome presentation with amazing graphics, really well made and technically impressive minigames. All of that is saving this file from being much
lower on my list.

Unfortunately though, my problem with this file is that despite being very graphically and technically impressive, it honestly just isn't much fun to
play. This is due to it taking away what is arguably the most important part of this kind of game. Imagine for a second if WarioWare had you wait for
like 5 seconds in between every microgame, giving you an explanation of what you're about to do beforehand, and maintaining the exact same speed throughout.
It'd be boring, and that's pretty much exactly what this is. To its credit there's still variation to each minigame like in WW, so it may at least
surprise you a little bit once or twice, but not much. See, the main thing that makes WarioWare so good is its frantic nature. The microgame is a simple
concept that can be relayed to you in one or two words, you react on the fly, learn from it and move on. It's over in a few seconds, you get a small break
and bam, onto the next. As you complete more and more the pacing gets faster and faster, and you never actually know which game you're about to get before
the game actually starts. You're always on your toes and it keeps getting harder -- this is what makes it fun. Take that out, and you're just playing
some simple, repetitive minigames in a sequence. As a result, this file starts to feel dull really quickly, and it never really challenges you too much.
I mean I played this for upwards of 10-15 minutes on my first try and didn't even lose all my lives -- this is pretty much an indication that it's too
easy and predictable. It got boring really fast when I played it and only really redeemed itself by being more fun when the boss stages came, since it's
something you're expected to take more time on anyway. I guess to that end it's a good thing that you can reduce the number of games before a boss, but
playing a bunch of boss games over and over wouldn't exactly fix the bigger problem with this file.

I realize that some of the these things are due to dealing with the limitations of ITG, for example you can't exactly speed up music that is played through
Lua unless you have like a million different conditionally playing audio files. But this doesn't mean the file should get a free pass because the game
can't do what it should be doing -- part of good game design is designing your game in a way that makes sense _within_ the
limitations you have. You don't just say "I'm going to make X type of game on this system" when the system isn't suited well for that type of game, and
then expect a pass because of system limitations. I'm definitely rambling at this point but I feel I really need to get across my stance on this and
where I'm coming from to justify my score for this, because it's a file I can see getting a lot more praise than I'm giving it.

+ Well presented
+ Great graphics
+ Technically impressive
+ Options
- Slow
- Predictable
- Boring

Mimi's Actual groove You:
This really is something. Considering I just went on a huge ramble about why I wasn't the biggest fan of Minigame Madness, I should probably point out
what sets this apart and why I like this one so much.

The first and most obvious thing is that this file isn't trying to take the style of a game that thrives on its faced paced franticness, but rather takes
a more Mario Party-esque approach. The quiz show game is really well made (though text alignment looks a little off for me, but that's kinda whatever),
the dialogue is not only hilarious but has a lot of variation to it that keeps the atmosphere fresh as you progress through it. The questions have enough
variation to where it isn't broken -- you might get one question once and then a very similar question later with a slightly different ending, and thus
be penalized for being too hasty in buzzing in. This keeps the tension between the two players high.

Another thing to point out about this file as opposed to Minigame Madness is the design of the minigames themselves. MM had games where P1 and P2 were independent, where completing them requires you to complete some simple objective. This is again a style best suited to needing to react quickly. In
this file however, the minigames are designed to be longer commitments, and the two players are in _direct_ competition with each other in all of them
(get the money before the other player, guess the difference before the other player, pong against the other player, etc). This is a huge difference
that ultimately makes the experience vary every time you come back to it, and makes the game a whole lot more fun. Add to that that the games
themselves have a ton of variation to them in different events that can happen, and there's plenty of reason to come back to this and play it again and again. This is an example of a minigame collection in a simfile done right.

I'm also always a fan of options and customization, so the addition of a menu to change the number of rounds, and the number of questions between
minigames is really cool. CPU AI is also an awesome addition, and there's even a difficulty setting for it, making this file fun even for only one
player. And on top of all that, there's an option to individually play the minigames; this is awesome for if you get bored of the quiz show stuff
and just wanna show off your mad long jumping skillz.

This file just has so much. One of my points about what I like to see in SM minigames is that I like them to utilize the rhythm aspect, and I think
if that were even possible it would be pretty cool to see. But this file does everything it does in a way that works and is fun to play, so it still
holds up as one of the best minigame simfiles that exists. My only negative points I have with this file are a few nitpicks, like that in Balls to the
Wall (my favorite minigame) the draworder gets a little weird and can make it a little hard to see where you want to position the paddle, and I'd
rather have the paddle just stop as you hold the direction to the edge, rather than keep bouncing. That, and I'd have liked to see at least a couple
more minigames, but I feel like that might be asking too much given the amount of content that's already here.

Another issue I came across upon playing this on a machine that I think is worth mentioning. Some of the questions don't actually even have a correct
answer. This in itself is a clever idea, and it's hilarious when you see it the first time. But the issue here is how exactly the player is supposed to
deal with the situation. Let me see if I'm getting this right: If player buzzes in on this and doesn't answer, they're punished for buzzing in. But
if you don't buzz in and wait out the timer, you get rewarded. So the idea here is that you're supposed to wait when you're asked one of these questions.
But here's the problem: you can't actually see the answers until you either buzz in or the question is finished typing. In a game where you're always
trying to get an edge over the other player by buzzing in first as soon as you know what the answer is, you now face the possibility of being punished
simply for buzzing in because you know the answer but the answer doesn't happen to be there. As a result the strategy here becomes just knowing all of
the questions that don't have a right answer already, so that you recognize when to wait based on what the question happens to be. This is a little strange
to me and probably the only actual flaw in the file that I can see. Fortunately it's still only a minor problem and will only momentarily disrupt the
experience here and there.

Awesome job all around.

+ Funny presentation
+ Fun minigames
+ Quiz questions are varied and not too predictable
+ CPU AI with variable difficulty
+ Options
+ Ability to play minigames individually
- A few more minigames would've been cool
- Better handling of questions with no correct answer would have been good

This was mad chill. A lot of really neat looking visual effects and mod usages that all felt like they worked with the song. I thought the usage
of a background video was interesting, but it's definitely a good thing. I really loved the masking effects throughout the chart.

Not a whole lot to say aside from that; I liked mostly all of what I saw here. My only complaint is that the drills may be a little disruptive when
playing it on pad, but once you know they're there they shouldn't be too bad I suppose.

+ Nice usage of bg video
+ Really cool mask effects
+ Mod usage all felt good
~ Not sure I really like the drills

Successor of Fate:
I... didn't like this. I don't really have a whole lot to say about this file because it's all pretty well summed up by the fact that the only gimmick
used feels completely uncalled for to me. The stops and tempo changes in this chart are all super jarring and don't even sound like they're accenting
anything in the song. I wouldn't care to play this enough to get good at it because it just doesn't make any sense. It's not that I don't think this
type of gimmick can ever work, but you've got everything from weird "skip" gimmicks to slight wave effects, none of which are consistent, and the song
stays pretty steady in its tone throughout, making it feel completely unnecessary.

- Bad usage of stop and speed gimmicks

I'll start off by saying my biggest complaint here is that you forced perspective without either forcing a speed or modifying the speed in some way. It's
a little frustrating (as pointed out earlier in a different file) when I default to Hallway and end up reading way too fast. Fortunately in the case of
this file it's only a minor complaint because the rest of the file is really good.

This is another file that uses background videos very well. I really loved the videos used throughout; they really complemented the feeling of the song.
The mod gimmicks all felt like they flowed nicely (until the middle-end, which I'll get to) with really fitting uses of stealth and quick zooms and
repositions, which felt pretty satisfying in the way they went to the percussion hits. The loud glitchy noises in the middle were awesome, and I loved
the visual gimmicks used there.

I'm a bit divided on the middle-end part, where the bottom half of the screen is covered. On one hand, the visual used there is pretty cool, but at the
same time it's a bit too uncomfortable for me to read while I'm playing there, making it a bit less fun at that point.

Overall very good file; I really wish videos didn't make dedicabs shit the bed so badly because I would love to play this on pad.

+ Cool videos
+ Mod usage
+ Awesome visuals accenting the loud noise parts
- A bit annoying to read at the sudden part

Tohoku Evolved:
I've been so torn about where I want to place this chart. It's so close with 3rd place it's insane, but I ultimately decided on marking this one down
because of a few issues I had with it.

This file is doing quite a lot, but not all of it is presented in a really good, cohesive way. This file feels kind of like it's trying to put a whole
(albeit smaller) SRT course into one simfile. Some of it works, some of it not so much. One thing I found a little weird was that you get like two
measures of a stepchart at the beginning before being abruptly interrupted by a cutscene. I feel like it would have been better without the short intro,
just starting right off with the Gensokyo cutscene.

The next section is like a mixture of Mawaru and a sort of choose-your-own-adventure with minigames. This is a cool idea, though not all of the minigames
are all that great IMO. A fair amount of them are confusing and don't really effectively communicate what you're supposed to do -- as a few examples,
"Search for Treasure" gave an explanation that I almost missed because it went by too quickly, and even after that I didn't quite get what was going on
for a moment. The "?" one is one of the ones I like more, but playing it for the first time was really confusing because it doesn't give you feedback
right when you step -- I'm thinking "ok, was I supposed to time it? React to it? Do I keep stepping? What's going on?" On the other hand, Pachinko is
pretty well made and others like Dodge the Anchors and Spend the Money are pretty fun to play.

The part leading into the boss battle is a little odd of a transition as well; I find it a little weird that we get an explanation of how to fight the boss,
but then are thrown into a stepchart before the boss actually happens. This breaks the pacing a little but the chart itself is fun enough. Next, the
idea for a boss battle and how it's made is a mixed bag. It's a really cool and unique idea and works decently well for the most part, however I felt
like the fighting controls were a bit clunky; I found myself resorting to mashing the attack button more than I probably should. It's not terrible, but
it lacks a bit of polish making it not as much fun as it could have been.

The cutscenes in this file are well presented, but a problem comes up with the fact that a stepchart needs to be weaved through a sequence of cutscenes
and minigames. This means you can never skip cutscenes, since the chart needs to stay on sync. As a result, the beginning part and pre-boss battle
become a chore to wait through when playing the chart multiple times trying to unlock the extra stage. The mixed bag of minigames that I feel like are
actually worth playing doesn't help this a whole lot either.

All in all this is a file that is actually pretty great for the most part; definitely something I'd play on pad a few times and have fun with, but I feel
like its major downfall is its lack of cohesion. There are a lot of ideas here, none of which are offensively bad but at the same time, never really
coming together in a way that feels amazing.

+ Many ideas in one file
+ Some well made minigames
+ Well done cutscenes and visuals
~ Minigames are a mixed bag
- Lack of cohesion
- Clunky fight controls

Toilet Story 5:
This one is a mixed bag for me. In a number of areas the gimmicks are pretty cute and go along with the song really well. There's a nice
variety here; the mods are mixed up throughout the song in decent ways for the most part. That said, a few of the mods annoy me quite a bit
in that they're a bit unnecessarily hard to read. Particularly the part where the columns switch rapidly during the more complicated 24th patterns
near the beginning didn't really work for me, and the stealth part in the middle requires that you know it's coming, and kinda breaks the flow
a bit.

While there is a mostly solid job done on the mods in this file, it ultimately suffers for being a sub par stepchart. There are numerous doublesteps
and inconsistencies which break the flow a lot. There was a 16th doublestep leading directly into a staircase in the other direction at one point, for
example. Between generally inconsistent and uninteresting steps and numerous careless mistakes, this chart just isn't something I'd want to play on
pad, sadly.

+ Mod creativity
- Excessive flip/invert with complicated patterns
- Stealth usage
- Careless stepchart

[Reveal] Spoiler: Puurokulho's Rankings
1 Body Magic
2 Princess Mimi's quality fun time
4 First Person Shooter
5 Ripples
6 John Madden 92 Opening theme
7 Long Invulernability
8 Surface
9 Toilet Story 5
10 Touhoku Evolved
11 Burn it down
12 Banana
13 Jah No Partial
14 Busta The Tank Engine
15 Blue Fever
16 Successor of Fate
17 Minigame Madness

Minions - Banana:

The mods are pretty simple, nothing groundbreaking but not bad either, Tipsy is really fun to read.
Negative BPMs on rolls surprised me on the first time but I was aware of them on the second time playing
this. The stop section near the midpoint is confusing. I like the usage of vibrate in this file. The
background animation fits well with the song with its general silliness.


While this file doesn't offer anything new or groundbreaking with the mods, it is nice to read.
The mods themselves aren't too hard, and they sort of remind me of the traditional ITG mod courses.
I was confused by the negative BPM gimmicks and the stop section on the first couple playthroughs,
but I learnt how to react to them rather quickly. That said, sometimes I do enjoy files, which require
a little bit of memorization from the player, and this does offer a little bit of it.

The background animations themselves are kinda silly, and they go well with the rest of the song.
What bothered me a little bit about them was that the minions were drawn in different art styles,
and some of them did have a little bit of white pixels around them. Other than that, I don't have
anything bad to say about the BG animations.

Any little details that caught my eye?
I liked how you used vibrate to bring out some little aspects from the song.

Would I play this again?
I guess I could get back to playing this file sometimes.


Blue Fever:

This file was not so interesting honestly, because it is just wag and/or beat for the most part.
Because of that, the mod gimmicks tend to be really old rather quickly, and that's a bit of a bummer
because this song does offer opportunities for more interesting things. There was a little
bit of variation with the wag, so I see there was a little bit of an effort put into the gimmicks as well.
However, I did hope to see more mod gimmicks when I played the file for the first time.

What I really don't understand about this file is the fact that the judgments and the combo are completely
hidden from the player. I think this is a little bit too unnecessary thing to do, and it can be a bit
annoying because I feel like the player needs the feedback in the form of combo and judgments. Hiding them
can work in some cases, when these objects get in the way of the arrows too much, but even when doing that,
I would recommend only hiding them at parts where it really is necessary.

The final mod gimmick is way too hard to read, and it does reduce quite a lot of the points on my end.
Some really cool stuff can be pulled off with stacked playfields and I can see the approach you had with that
thing, but you could have toned down the wag quite a bit.
In this form, the final gimmick is a bit of an unreadable mess, not to mention the dizzy mod which activates
at the end. To sum this up, the gimmicks in this file are too easy and underwhelming at first, and then it
suddenly becomes crazy hard. I think you could experiment with mods a bit more and try to make something
where the difficulty rises gradually.

And please don't let this rather harsh review let you down, we all have to start from somewhere.

Any little details that caught my eye?
The bounce around the slow part is a nice complement to the bass drum.

Would I play this again?
Probably not.


VHS Head - Body Magic
This is one of my absolure favourite files in this competition. Everything about this file is amazing!
The visuals are beautiful, almost hypnotic to look at. The usage of the divinentity noteskin tween is a
nice little touch on these mods. The glowing lights the arrows emit look pretty funky, and the mods are
nicely challenging to read, but nothing too hard, yet they go very well along the song. I really dig
those things you did with the stacked playfields.

Overall, the mods bring out many aspects of the song out very nicely in an audiovisual way.

Now to the graphical aspects of the file: The background animation is some true eye candy. The scrolling 3D
perspective is executed very well in this file, and I also like that static noise which is all over the
screen all the time. It kinda looks like if this game was some sort of an entry point into a digital
realm, a superspeed highway which the characters are travelling on.

The random visual glitches are also a really nice touch on this file, as they seem to come and go with
certain sounds of the song. Another little thing I noticed is how the highway transforms to the beat of
the song near the end of the file, it is a fun little detail and I like fun little details like this.

The gameplay itself is pretty self-explanatory, collect things and avoid obstacles. It's pretty simple, but
it works really well the way it is.

Another thing I have to mention is the fact that players can set the difficulty of the cpu and it has
enough variety to make it very easy for a novice or a true challenge for an experienced player.

Any little details that caught my eye?
Do you even need to ask? This whole file was true eye candy!

Would I play this again?
Hell yeah I would!

Linkin Park - Burn It Down

This file is off to a good start, the mini and dizzy gimmick at the beginning seems very promising, and it
fits well with the heavy kick drum of the song. It's nothing too hard but it's definitely off to a good
start, but then the gimmick just stops happening. I felt like it could have gone on for a little bit longer.

The scroll variations the file offers after this are a nice filler gimmick, and while it's sort of basic,
its still fun to read, and I have nothing to complain about that. The drunk does work nicely on the bass
drum but I feel like you could have used beat here, or made the drunk just a tiny bit heavier. The stream
at this part does feel a bit unnecessary. I do like the vibrate gimmick after that, but again, it suffers
from the same problem as the mini/dizzy gimmick in the beginning. It just stops happening.
This does scream "Lazy!" to me a little bit.

However, I was surprised how much I do like the mods in the breakdown section, considering how much I
normally dislike reading tornado. For some reason, it's rather fun to read this time because the arrows are
scrolling so slowly.

The biggest problem this file has is the huge amount of dead time all over the file, and the fact that it
promises a lot at fist, but then it doesn't really escalate anywhere from that. As I said, the gimmicks are
surely nice, but there's not enough of them, and I do feel the streams are a little bit too unnecessary.

Again, the song you chose does offer a lot of opportunity for fun gimmicks, and the kick drum almost
screams for some heavy but not too hard mods to be slapped on top of it, like beat or bounce for example.

The file was also a bit too long and I feel like you could have cut the song shorter.

Any little details that caught my eye?
I did like the way you used vibrate to complement the stuttering noises.

Would I play this again?
I guess I could come back to this if I'm bored.


Busta the tank engine:

This short file is pretty amusing with the fg animations and stuff. I'd probably play this again for the
heck of it. Gimmick-wise, it doesn't offer anything new, but I guess it's safe to assume that this is a
joke submission.
It made me laugh and that's a good thing.

Any little details that caught my eye?
The tank engines flying across the screen were pretty magical.

Would I play this again?
For the humor value, I would.


First Person Shooter:

The mine effects at the beginning remind me of older negative BPM charts, and I have to say they do
look really cool! I can imagine a lot of effort was put into these and that effort wasn't done in vain

The drunk and tipsy effects in the first section are nice. They're basic but they work really well with the
sounds they're assigned to. I also love how you combined the stop gimmicks with the flip+reverse gimmick.

The column swaps also came just in the right moment when the song was really calling for it, and the way the
arrows grow after that also work really well.

that effect which happens around the middle part of the song with the reversed sound is very cool. The
negative bpm trick managed to confuse me on the first time, but after a couple tries I noticed that the
mine acts as a clue which tells you when to hit the arrow.

I also love the thing you pulled off with invert and stealth, around the part where the playfield gets bigger
slowly, and the rest of the song plays out nicely with similar mods that were presented here.

I feel like the quad roll at the end is a bit too silly, mainly because I feel like it could just have been
two rolls instead of four.

The biggest and only complain I have about this file is the huge-ish amount of dead time. However, when the
mods are active, they look really good. This is another song with a lot of missed opportunities. The song
really sounds like you could have gone pretty ballistic with the mods, and I probably would have loved it.

To sum it up, what I really like about this file is the fact that you use mods, stops, bpm gimmicks and even
negs. And other than the lack of mods, you did have just the right amount of all sorts of gimmicks.

Any little details that caught my eye?
I really love how you combined stops with some mod effects in this file.

Would I play this again?
Definitely. Even though the file suffers from some dead time, I still do enjoy this a lot.

P.S. Please DO continue making mods. You have some real potential!



Wow, I really have to admit these mods are very nice.

The way the screen elements get hidden near-beginning of the song is pretty nice.
The mods in this song are pretty fun to read, as they are not too hard, but they do go very well with the
song. I personally would have spiced up some sections with beat.

One particular effect I liked was when the playfields zoom in and the bg zooms out.

I love how the bg image breaks into pieces and reveals the lasers behind them. That said, the animation of
the background lasers is pretty neat, and I do remember this thing from the last comp file.
I also dig those foreground laser things which appear every time player takes a step.

I do feel like the scratch sounds all over the song are a bit of a a wasted opportunity, because you could
have pulled off some funky effects with them, but I don't let that disturb me too much. This file did also
suffer from some dead time, but not to the extent than the other files did.

Any little details that caught my eye?
I love the part where the voice sample says "Speedup!" and the speed mod accelerates for a little moment.
I do like it when lyrical elements are succesfully complemented with mods this way.

Would I play this again?
Of course I would, no doubt.


Jah No Partial:

This file reminds me of the ITG courses. The mods are a bit too boring, because it's just bumpy or beat for
most of the time. This file doesn't offer anything new really. However, the hallway/reverse part around the
end is pretty fun to read.

Any little details that caught my eye?
Not really.

Would I play this again?
I don't think so.


John Madden 92 Opening Theme:

Holy shit, this file really managed to put a smile on my face. The backstory of this file is really
amusing. The game itself is really fun to play, and I found myself coming back and trying to get a higher
score. That said, the game is pretty addictive.

The controls feel pretty smooth and I really don't have any complains about this.

Any little details that caught my eye?
Not really.

Would I play this again?
This file is both fun and amusing, so why wouldn't I play this again?


Long Invulernability:

How this file stands out from the rest of the submissions for me is the fact that it's both a minigame and
a chart, or moreso, a minigame which puts the stepmania's rhythm engine into a good use. This file reminds
me both of bit.trip Runner and the music stages in Rayman Legends. I guess it's safe to assume that they
did serve as a source of inspiration for this file. That said, I do find this file pretty fun and all, but
what irks me about this is the fact that the file gets really difficult towards the end. It did take me
multiple tries to beat the file.

Any little details that caught my eye?
I can't say anything did.

Would I play this again?
Definitely, it is a fun challenge and it offers something a bit different for me.

Princess Mimi's Quality Fun Time

This file is packed with fun! Just like the title promises.

What I really like about this one is that there are two different modes you can choose from:
You can choose if you want to play the game in a party mode, where Mimi asks you a variety of questions to
earn points, and play minigames after a certain number of rounds to earn more points.

Or you can choose to play the minigames separately for fun.

Another note-worthy thing is that this file also has a computer controlled player in case the second player
isn't present. You can also set the difficulty of the CPU if you decide to play alone and you can also
change some other settings to add a little variety to this game.

There are only 6 minigames in this file, but the quality really beats the quantity. Every game has a unique
gameplay mechanic and objective, so the games won't feel too similar. The games also test different skills
such as your memory, knowledge, ability to point out a difference, and the ability to mash buttons fast and
so on.

This file is presented very well, the graphics are cute and it's easy to understand the objective of the

Any little details that caught my eye?
This file was packed with all sorts of details.

Would I play this again?
No doubt. Of course I would.



The mask at the beginning seems to be a bit unnecessary in my opinion, since all that happens is just that
the BG video transitions to the FG. I do love the gimmick where the speedmod changes; It's really simple
and easy to read but it goes well with the sounds of the song. The file manages to keep my interest by
offering different scroll mods which transition nicely from one to another. The next part with reverse and
hallway is a nice filler mod. While these mods are nice and all, I do feel like that they are a bit too

...and then suddenly, the file punches me in the face with some really glorious mask effects. Like holy shit!
The glitchy colour stuff combined with the static arrow masks is just godly. I can't even stress how much I
enjoy this particular effect. Seriously, this effect is one of the coolest things I've seen in the comp.

To sum it up, the file doesn't suffer from actual dead time that much, the mods are nice but a little bit
But what really makes this file stand out for me are the mask effects. You jabbed me directly into my soul
with them and it felt good.

Any little details that caught my eye?
The static mask effects!

Would I play this again?
Of course I would, I will never ge tired of the mask effects!


Harmony of Dissonance:

I didn't really like this file at all. The bpm gimmicks are too random and inconsistent and it makes the
file almost impossible to read for me without using a cmod.

Any little details that caught my eye?
I did enjoy the gradual speedups. They do look kinda nice and they aren't too hard to read.

Would I play this again?
I'm sorry but I have to say this file isn't my cup of tea.



This file looks like a very classic mod course at first. The first section isn't too hard to read and it
slowly builds up along the song. The glitchy effect which comes after the buildup really surprised me. It
looks pretty neat and it fits to the tone of the song really well.

The mods tend to repeat a bit after the first section, but that really isn't a problem in this case because
they are fun to read and the foreground animations do spice them up a little bit.

That said, the section with the wavy mesh is a little bit too hard to read, not to the extent that the file
would be impossible, but I would have given the playfield a little bit more visibility. Lowering the
speedmod in that part was a good thing because it gives the player a little bit more time to react though.
The effect with playfield zooming in and out could have been a bit less intense, because covering a part of
the playfield makes it hard enough to read.

Those video files are really cool, and it makes this file pretty pleasing visually.

Any little details that caught my eye?
Not really, but this file was a solid package and enjoyed it.

Would I play this again?
Sure, why not?


Tohoku Evolved:

The charts:

The first part with the playfields dancing around in the disco room is a bit too hard to read because the
screen is full of all sorts of distractions.
What annoys me the most about this part is the multitude of the bright dot-shaped lights which scroll
across the screen. It does look nice but it is just too overwhelming for my eyes.

The sick wubs part on the other hand does have some good mods going on and I don't have any complains about
that part either.
What I like about the beatmania section, is that it utilizes the divinentity noteskin input detection by
adding beatmania-style note flashes to the playfield.

I do like the idea behind Don't break the FEC, but I would have made this one a bit easier. Instead of
expecting the player to be perfect, you could have done something like the game gives some penalty if you
get a great or lower.

The section with the lightnings is pretty challenging to read, but it's not impossible. The foreground
animations do look pretty neat in this one.

I do like the the dodge section too, but there are two things that do tick me off a little bit in it. I
would have made the hitbox of the playfield visible, so it would be easier to make out how big it is
exactly. The second thing is that the screen doesn't have any boundaries and the playfields can go
offscreen because of this.

The minigames:
The biggest complain I have about this file is the fact that many of the minigames are confusing at first
and they do suffer from some notable design flaws.

Match 3 For donations: you can spam the screen full of blocks and lose the game very quickly just by
holding the button down. Other minigames do suffer from this same design flaw as well.

Pachinko: The game itself is pretty nifty, but I would have liked it if you randomized the slot where you
had to drop the ball.

Find the treasure: This game is pretty fun, and the only thing that irks me a very tiny bit is the fact that
you have to press three buttons to check the treasure, even though I assume you could have programmed it so,
that you only have to press two. Other than that, this game is pretty solid.

Keep the Beat: I do have to say I found this game a bit confusing...

Cut the cake: I don't have any complaints about this one at all.

Despite the flaws, I do have to say that the ideas behind the minigames are nice and I do enjoy playing them.

The visuals of the file are a little bit crude there and there and the transitions between the songs could
have been a bit smoother.

Any little details that caught my eye?
Not really.

Would I play this again?
I think I would. Playing this is a fun way to spend time.


Toilet Story 5:

What a fun little file! The mods are rather simple for the most part, but they are really cute. The mods also have a nice amount of variation which keeps the file interesting. I like how you used the frame-by-frame mods to highlight some fast sounds in the song.

Any little details that caught my eye?
I really liked was the split / reverse thing after the midpoint of the song.

Would I play this again?


1 Body Magic
3 Princess Mimi's quality fun time
14 Busta The Tank Engine
15 Blue Fever
16 Successor of Fate
17 Minigame Madness


Judging is done and the results will be streamed LIVE on my twitch channel:

Thursday, November 27th
7pm (UTC+8)

Shortly afterward the full write-up will be posted.


Sign Up Today!

Greetings friends and newcomers!
Welcome back to the 3rd instalment of DivinElegy's Gimmick competition, if you know the rules already just make sure to read the parts highlighted in blue, they indicate changes between this year's format from last year's.

If you're new to all of this then you're in for a treat!
This is a competition where you have exactly one month to make the best gimmick chart you can utilising all of the skills you have learned as a step artist up until now, if you've never made a gimmick chart before you should take a look at last year's entries to see what you're in for, plus it's a great way to learn!

Keep a note of these dates:
Signups Start – Monday, August 18th, 2014 [i](You can sign up at any point through the competition)

Competition Start – Sunday, September 1st, 2014
Competition End - Tuesday, October 1st, 2014, 11:59PM EST (No Submissions accepted after this date)

Regarding signups, as mentioned you can enter any time during the competition, however you must still complete your file within before the competition end date, no exceptions!

File Submission:
All files should be submitted directly to me, I can be reached via email (divinejayce 'at' gmail 'dot' com), YouTube Messaging, or by sending a PM to me through the forum you’re currently reading this.
Please ensure the subject of your message is labelled something like GIMMICK COMPETITION SUBMISSION and who you are so I can make note of it.

1st Prize – A Custom Shirt designed to your specifications
2nd Prize – Any shirt from the PeekingBoo/DivinElegy Shop
3rd Prize – iPhone/Samsung phone case using designs from the PeekingBoo/DivinElegy Shop

In addition to the above, all participants will receive a participation award on their DivinElegy Profile, should they choose to make an account when the rebirth of the site goes live at the end of the competition.
The top 3 and an honorable mention will receive a slightly different award against their profiles to indicate their achievement. It's nothing special, just a little bit of fun.

The rules to this competition are very loose, considering the nature of the tournament you have virtually everything at your disposal anyway.
01 - A special noteskin has been created for use in this competition, read more about the DivinEntity Noteskin below.
02 - You may submit as many files as you wish, you should keep in mind though that this may very well impact the quality of every chart you submit, you will also only be eligible for one prize (so if you come first and third you may only choose one prize, then whoever is above/below you moves up/down to take the other prize).
03 - Your gimmicks must be compatible with Stepmania 3.95 and ITG2 Arcade only, certain functionalities available only in OpenITG and Stepmania 5/SSC provide unfair advantages but also stop the majority of people from playing them in an arcade scenario. If you plan on adding OpenITG functionality please ensure you use IF OPENITG to prevent crashes and please also note that those elements will not be taken into consideration during the judging process.
04 - You are allowed to include more than one difficulty in your file, but you will only be judged on the difficulty you specify (not specifying a difficulty will result in judgement being passed on the highest difficulty).
05 - Your chart can be any length and any foot-level difficulty, keep in mind though that the easier/harder you make a file will greatly limit your playing audience.
06 - Your chart must be made upon entering the competition, you are allowed to release the chart during the span of the competition but you should keep in mind that every other entrant will be able to see your file and will be able to see how you’ve made your gimmicks and overall presentation. It is recommended that you remain anonymous throughout the competition. Judges can form bias toward you if they know which chart is yours so it's just a better idea to submit files to me only and make sure that your name isn't anywhere in the chart's data.
07 - Backgrounds and Banners aren’t necessary as the files are going to be given their own graphics when the competition pack is released, if your chart relies on background gimmicks then they will be left as is.
08 - The music file included with your chart should be in .ogg format and not length-patched for the sake of being able to view it extensively in the editor.
09 - All of the above rules apply throughout the entire competition period, breaching any of these rules upon submission will result in a written warning stating to make appropriate changes and resubmit or risk disqualification.
10 - If at any time you are unsure about the above rules you can email me directly (divinejayce 'at' gmail 'dot' com) or send a PM to me via the forum you’re reading this in respectively.
11 - You may collaborate with others for a team entry, however if you win you must decide how you will divide the prize amongst yourselves.
12 - Chart must be selectable in Singles Mode, if you require both sides leave a subtitle saying '2P Only'.

DivinEntity Noteskin
Creating a new noteskin from scratch was the only way to maintain fairness between participants as it has been created solely by Cameron (Cameron is also a judge).
It requires no theme modification (just copy the noteskin to your Noteskins/dance folder) and includes all features previously implemented in closed-group noteskins but with a completely new coding structure.
Provided with this noteskin, should you choose to use it will be a README file outlining different commands you can use, how you make use of those commands is left up to you.

More information and download instructions here
This page will teach you how to use the noteskin's commands, its overall use in the competition is not mandatory, however. A download for the noteskin is at the bottom-right hand side labeled Download ZIP

Your judges for this year will be Puurokulho, SteveReen, TaroNuke, Cameron and Myself, judges are also allowed to enter the competition but may not judge their own files.

Because of this, each submission will be ranked in order of overall preference by all judges, the lowest rankings will be ignored so that each chart (including those made by judges) receive fair ratings. In the instance of a tie then the third rating is taken into account and if a competitor is tied with a judge then the competitor is rated higher priority.
Example: A chart gets ranked |1st|4th|8th|7th|4th|, the ranking |8th| will be disregarded. All other rankings are combined and averaged: (1+4+7+4)/4 = 4th place

There is no judging criteria, it is completely left to the interpretation of the judges, however I would advise a lot of you newcomers that you Learn how to Sync your charts because that can (and will) ruin all of your hard work, your amazing gimmicks are no good if the chart is unplayable due to sync issues.

01 - All files judged will be numbered from 1 through to X depending on the number of entrants with 1 being the highest rank.
02 - Each file will be given a brief Pros and Cons summary upon judgement.
03 - The bottom verdict will be disregarded with all other rankings combined and averaged out, in the instances of a tie the lowest verdict is taken into consideration as stated further above.
04 - Once judging has finished the results will be posted along with the pack containing everybody’s files for everyone to play.
05 - If at any time you are unsure about the above you can email me directly (divinejayce 'at' gmail 'dot' com) or send a PM to me via the forum you’re reading this in respectively.

Not sure where to begin or what’s possible?
Take a look at some of these resources to help get you started.
With these tutorials you will have the same knowledge pool as everyone else that is currently experienced with making Gimmick Charts.


How to Make Foreground Animations – #1, #2, #3, #4
FG Change Command List

List of Stepmania LUA Commands

Participants: (blue if they have submitted something)
SteveReen SteamClean
Patorikku91 feat. ITGAlex
Dark Luke
MIKO491 feat. warpdr!ve
TaroNuke TomNook

Submissions Received:
17 files by 13 participants
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby forcednature on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:06 am

signing up, lets try this
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby SteveReen on Mon Aug 18, 2014 11:08 am

You know I'm in : )
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby Telperion on Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:06 pm

Gonna attempt


@@- wrote:
CondorTalon wrote:I'm in. I promise not to submit a shitty anime remix this time.
This sounds like something someone who wants to submit a shitty anime remix and not get found out immediately would say

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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby WinDEU on Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:20 pm

Let's do this!
I won R21Freak Double Comp I
I won R21Freak Double Comp I
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby ITGAlex on Mon Aug 18, 2014 2:33 pm

ok I actually know how to do stuff so
i'm in



[Reveal] Spoiler: Coming Soon
swagesteps 2 (soon)
itgalex's compilation 4 (later)

mute wrote:
ITGAlex wrote:What is the 105% unlockable ?

A .wma file of Nemo reading the contents of a .sm skeleton out loud.
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby TaroNuke on Mon Aug 18, 2014 7:51 pm

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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby Kytsune on Mon Aug 18, 2014 10:48 pm

Alright. I'll try not to bitch out this time.
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby Fraxtil on Tue Aug 19, 2014 12:40 am

Telperion wrote:
Horsey wrote:As long as it's not vore, furries are okay with me.

It's just like Macklemore said.
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby Stepmaniac2013 on Tue Aug 19, 2014 3:36 pm

I'm in...
I ain't no losea, I'm a evil cat... :3
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby MIKO491 on Tue Aug 19, 2014 7:21 pm

I'm in!
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby Horsey on Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:15 pm

sweet, another SteveReen vs Taronuke vs WinDEU gimmicks comp
Community Dropbox Thread wrote:http://r21freak.com/phpbb3/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=24873
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby patorikku91 on Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:16 pm

WE GOIN' HAM (I'm in with Alex)
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby Jayce on Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:17 pm

patorikku91 wrote:WE GOIN' HAM (I'm in with Alex)

As a collaboration or as friendship is magic?
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Re: [Signups] - DivinElegy's 3rd Annual Gimmick Competition!

Postby patorikku91 on Tue Aug 19, 2014 8:46 pm

Collab, good sir
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