DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Who Won?)

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DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Who Won?)

Postby Jayce on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:08 am


Click the Banner or download the pack Here

Welcome one and all!
This competition is the first of its kind, in a world where people fear the unknown we must band together to produce something truly beautiful.
An artist’s primary goal is to immerse the viewer in their work, step artistry is no exception and for too long charts have been judged strictly on step placement, this should always be the primary focus but not the only focus. A chart is so much more than just steps, the gimmicks involved play as big of a part in immersing the player as the steps themselves do.
This competition is about producing simfiles; but not just ordinary run-of-the-mill files that anyone can do.
These are files with a twist!
Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to produce a gimmicky simfile, one of which the world has never seen before!
Whether you’re a veteran gimmick creator or someone that’s never produced a gimmick file before you will have access to a pool of information to make your creations the best they can possibly be, in addition to this what better way to learn than to participate?


1st Place: WinDEU
2nd Place: TaroNuke
3rd Place: Zetorux

Honourable Mention: warpd9 (4th) & sudzi (5th)

Listed below is the individual feedback of each judge, I need to make it very clear right now that both DDRLizy and Little Matt withdrew from being judges pretty much next-to-last minute and in fear of delaying the competition results any longer I reached out to a bunch of people but RODD was the only one available to assist me.
With that in mind his reviews may seem a little rushed and that's mostly because they are, he played all of the files and wrote all of the reviews in a single session and while I think the results may have been different if another judge or more time were spent on feedback his ratings give off a 'first impressions' angle to them which I believe a lot of you playing these charts for the first time will relate to.

[Reveal] Spoiler: Jayce's Video-ish Reviews
Zetorux, Wister, TaroNuke & Omegaruins1161000's files

SteveReen, WinDEU, AxisX7 and 2 of VanZ's files

VanZ, niCSan, JOW, warpd9, Kytsune, Sudzi and Rikame's files

[Reveal] Spoiler: ChaosUnown's Reviews
BLACK.by X-Cross Fade: A pretty amusing and hilarious gimmick to say the least, and it was pretty acuurate for the most part. The rhythms were also great, nothing felt too awkward or anything. My only qualm is that is that it could have used some BPM gimmicks as well, but it doesn't really suffer badly without them either, it's a fun chart no matter. (85/100)

Carnival Night Zone: This is a pretty cool chart, and I really like the concepts put into the animations. I also enjoyed the Negative BPM as well. The thing that bothers me though is that the barrels are most of the time only obstructing the far-most arrows; it would be nice if they got a little more movement instead of just staying in the same general location most of the time. The other problem I had was after the first break, the chart began to exhibit a case of blue-note syndrome, which made it a tad confusing to follow.

Combo Breaker: This is one of the weaker charts in this competition for sure. There's a few blatant doublesteps in both the beginning and the end, and I'm not sure what warrented that random FG change in the beginning, it only happened once and it never showed up again. The rhythms and BPM gimmicks were alright, but halfway in the gimmicks got a little lazy and were not constant at all.

DNA_784MB: I really, really like the animations used in this, it's very atmospheric and fits with the song very well. Sadly, my only problem is that the chart itself is a repetitive stream fest, which got old very quickly. While I have nothing against a good stream it just grew tiresome half-way in, especially considering this is a pretty long song. So that's basically what hurt the chart for me the most.

Fillbots: So far this is easily the most creative and well thought out chart in the pack. Rhythm heaven was a really cool choice. I was expecting somewhat of a direct clone from the game, but it actually had fun and unique elements to it! I don't think I have any real qualms with this chart other than the note counter being a bit weird at times.

Ghastly Gorge: I was a bit confused when I saw the note counter had absolutely nothing, but then I saw the actual chart and it all came clear, haha. First and foremost, the main problem here is that the chart NEEDS two-players to be active, so this marginally makes the chart completely unplayable if someone is playing in regular 1 player, 4-panal mode. Onto the chart itself: The concept of this is just insane. There looks like there was so much creativity and thought put into this, it makes for a really fun, non-ITG experience. But unfortunately, the fact that this can only be played on 2-player mode kind of keeps this chart from getting a perfect score.

Goof Troop Boop: This was a pretty neat chart. The song was good, but it's hard to accent the vocals sampled in it, namely in the beginning since the vocals didn't have enough rhythm in them. Luckily it did pick up well the more the chart progressed. Overall It's nothing spectacular aside from the mod break and the ending, both of which gave me a good laugh.

Pressure: For a Zomboy chart I was expecting a lot more gimmicks, so this was a bit of disapointment. But overall this was pretty sweet, I liked the use of negative BPM. Something that bothered me was the use of jumps, which felt like they were used at inappropriate times, namely the build-up before the drop. But overall, a good effort.

Remix 10: I give it an A for effort, but this was just barely playable. The on-screen indicators were very confusing to read. Also unlike the other Rhythm Heaven entry, this WAS a direct clone from the actual Wii game; there really weren't any unique or original elements to it. While I appreciate the concept, the execuation was pretty poor.

Run Run Run: I loved the BPM gimmicks in this, they were all very well executed. The song choice was also really good. I guess the only qualm I have is that the rhythms got a bit repetitive half-way in, but the gimmicks definitely kept things interesting. A very nice, and classic gimmick chart right here.

Satisfaction vs Elements of Life: The audio quality of this song is rather below average. The chart is alright, but there are much too many miniature holds. The gimmicks were also decent, but they were not constant throughout.

Sexy and I Know It: This was… below mediocre. Not only were the rhythms poorly done, but where are the gimmicks? This was the most straightforward chart in the pack, which completely misses the point of a gimmick competition. The gimmicks that were there were completely unfitting, especially the negative BPM, which was completely uncalled for.

Space Pixel Boyz: This was pretty simple, but I liked it. It would have been nice to see more gimmicks, as it didn't leave a really big impression on me. But the chart was enjoyable at least. Nice use of FG changes, and the rhythms felt very nice.

Tetris on Crack: The insanity level in this one is so high, I love it. Really nice use of FG gimmicks, and also a great use of mods too, although it being rather difficult to read at times. While the song is a bit fast to really enjoy the gimmicks put in, this was a really cool entry nonetheless.

The Boxer: Sweet memory-based stop gimmicks used here. Although it was a bit repetitive, this chart is pretty cool. My only qualm is the use of hand-rolls, which seem pretty awkward to hit on pad. But overall this was pretty solid.

We Like to Party: I have no idea what happened in the beginning. The gimmicks were just so obstructive and unreadable it was an instant game over. As for the rest of the chart, I usually don't have any problems with slur gimmicks like these, but they are just blended in too well; there are no indicators of how the rhythms should be played, no thought, and completely unfitting.

World Revolution: This had a ton of creativity put into it. All of the concepts were executed perfectly, and a chart with a storyline? A very nice touch. The only downside is that you can't really focus on the commands to see what's going on, but other than that this is an amazing chart.

[Reveal] Spoiler: RODD's Reviews
BLACK.by X-Cross Fade - DJ Mass MAD Izm*
Haha Vinyl Scratch. Creative gimmick. Too much space towards the middle that could have used more arrow, makes it an odd 11. 67/100

Carnival Night Zone - Sega
Dat nostalgia. Not very much I liked from this. Chart itself needed more variety. Too much use of crossovers. Effects were nice, though. 40/100

Combo Breaker (Dubstep Original) - KidSinister
Silly, but fun song. Gimmicks complimented the song, but would have been nice if the arrows did in some parts, too. Some double stepping in the chart kind of bothered me a bit. 60/100

DNA_784MB - dBu
Wow, this song sent chills down my spine. And do did the foreground effects. Blew me away. Chart is pretty legit, could see an attempt at variety by breaking the stream. Not very well conducted, but it doesn't hurt to try. I would totally play this. 83/100

Fillbots - Tsunku
Not sure where Fillbots came from and such, but that didn't stop the file from being so much fun~. It can get a bit boring after the first few plays, then how you feel is how you feel haha. 95/100

Ghastly Gorge - Fantom
I've seen this on YouTube so many times I already know what to say. A game within a game. GENIUS! Looks so much fun! 100/100

Goof Troop Boop - Tom Jackson
grooving BOOPIN ASS GAME! I love Game Grumps haha. The bouncy effect in this chart made me giggle from fandom and the foreground effect itself. If the chart was revised I would totally warm up to this 9! 80/100

Pressure (Zomboy Remix) - Nadia Ali, Starkillers & Alex Kenji
Song was beautiful. The negative gimmicks were an interesting, but confusing touch. Normally a line of mines indicates hold in -bpm, but memory will make this chart a bit more fun. More gimmicks for some of the suttuers would have been nice as well. 65/100

Remix 10 - Various
Looks like I have to take off the autoplay haha. Wow, this was super challenging, but maybe if I get it down in time, it will be totes fun to play on pad. Nothing much I can say that needs improvement. About as fun as Ghastly Gorge! 90/100

Run Run Run - Receptor
Very challenging file. Could be an easy 13. Only problem was some use of 16ths at the end of some of the streams that should've been just 2 8th notes followed by another stream. Gimmicks complimented the music. Won't be able to pad this, but others will surely have fun with this. 74/100

Satisfaction vs Elements of Life - Benassi vs Tiesto
Streams were kind of pointless, in my opinion. Should have just just followed the rhythm of the music instead of just using a stream and using a Down Hold when PUSH and TOUCH were said. Gimmicks were pretty decent. Not much else. Chart just needs a serious redux. 30/100

Sexy and I Know It
Too many double stepping and unnecessary 16th bursts. Gimmicks were lacking variety and they were very minimal. 10/100

Space Pixel Boyz - Chipxel8
Very cute file. IT'S RAINING MEN--aliens! Not a lot to complain about. 8th note stream was reasonable, but was used for a break from all the 24th note bursts, which I understand. Very fun file overall. 89/100

Tetris on Crack - EchozAurora
MY EYES! Wow! Nice and (simple? Lol nope) use of tetris blocks FG Effects. Chart was faily challenging and so were the marathon-esque effects. I wouldn't play this because it's that intimidating haha. But it looks totes fun to play on KB. Fantastic job! 100/100

The Boxer - Barbarix
Very fun and legitimatelly challenging 10. Gimmicks made this a challenge to play. Footswitches were kind of hard to nail in the chart. But I personally suck at footswitches so I can't say anything there haha. Fun stops as well. Memory will help me pass this. Would totally pad this. 87/100

We Like To Party ~BCM RMX~ - Venga Boys
Uhm...I can see what the stepartist was trying to accomplish, but it didn't compliment the song one bit. Definitely not padding this. The effort shows, though. Better luck next time. 10/100

World Revolution - Agnus Dei
Ahh. Good ol' Chrono Trigger. I wish I could just review by not playing favorites, but it's hard when the FG effects really blow you away along with the Marathon-esque effects. Also, my neck. 100/100

Keep a note of these dates:
Competition Start – Wednesday, August 1st, 2012
Competition End – Friday, August 31st, 2012, 11:59PM EDT (No Submissions accepted after this date).

All files should be submitted directly to me, I can be reached via email (im@divinelegy.com), youtube messaging, or by sending a PM to me through the forum you’re currently reading this.
Please ensure the subject of your message is labelled something like GIMMICK COMPETITION SUBMISSION and who you are so I can make note of it.

I’m gonna be honest, I’m not exactly Mr. Moneybags however I am a firm believer in rewarding people who put a bit of hard work in.
So with that said here are the prizes up for grabs:
1st Prize – A free shirt from the DivinElegy Shop (postage included).
2nd Prize – Any number of items in the shop with a total purchase value of $15 or less (postage included).
3rd Prize – A free phone charm from the shop (postage included).

The rules to this competition are very loose, considering the nature of the tournament you have virtually everything at your disposal anyway.
01 - You may submit as many files as you wish, you should keep in mind though that this may very well impact the quality of every chart you submit.
02 - You will only be eligible for one prize, if you submit more than one file the one that is judged as the best of them will be the only one eligible if placed in the top 3.
03 - Your gimmicks must be compatible with Stepmania 3.95 and ITG2 Arcade only, certain functionalities available only in OpenITG and Stepmania 5/SSC provide unfair advantages but also stop the majority of people from playing them in an arcade scenario.
04 - You are allowed to include more than one difficulty in your file, but you will only be judged on the difficulty you specify (not specifying a difficulty will result in judgement being passed on the highest difficulty).
05 - Your chart can be any length and any foot-level difficulty, keep in mind though that the easier/harder you make a file will greatly limit your playing audience.
06 - Your chart must be upon entering the competition, you are allowed to release the chart during the span of the competition but you should keep in mind that every other entrant will be able to see your file and will be able to see how you’ve made your gimmicks and overall presentation.
07 - Backgrounds and Banners aren’t necessary as the files are going to be given their own graphics when the competition pack is released, if your chart relies on background gimmicks then they will be left as is.
08 - The music file included with your chart should be in .ogg format and not length-patched for the sake of being able to view it extensively in the editor.
09 - All of the above rules apply throughout the entire competition period, breaching any of these rules upon submission will result in a written warning stating to make appropriate changes and resubmit or risk disqualification.
10 - If at any time you are unsure about the above rules you can email me directly (im@divinelegy.com) or send a PM to me via the forum you’re reading this in respectively.

All files will be judged by a select panel of judges consisting of Little Matt, ChaosUnown, DDRLIZY and Myself.
Main judging criteria will be based on presentation and how well the chart flows with the gimmicks being used, step rhetoric and placement isn’t a big thing factor but it will affect how well your chart flows so always keep it in consideration.
01 - All files judged will be numbered from 1 through to X depending on the number of entrants with 1 being the highest rank.
02 - Each file will be given a brief Pros and Cons summary upon judgement, the top 3 files will receive a more detailed review.
03 - All verdicts will be combined and averaged out, in the instances of a tie participants will receive equal placing unless eligible for a prize, at which point the tied files will be re-judged to determine a winner.
04 - Once judging has finished the results will be posted along with a pack containing everybody’s files for everyone to play.
05 - If at any time you are unsure about the above you can email me directly (im@divinelegy.com) or send a PM to me via the forum you’re reading this in respectively.

Not sure where to begin or what’s possible?
Take a look at some of these resources to help get you started.
With these tutorials you will have the same knowledge pool as everyone else that is currently experienced with making Gimmick Charts.

How to Make Foreground Animations – #1, #2, #3, #4
Interactive FG Changes
FG Change Command List
Activating Mods Outside of a Course
Controlling the Playfields through BG/FG Changes
Detecting Notes Crossed and Controlling the Screen Underlay
Stutters and Wave Gimmicks
BPM Stutters or Hiccups
WinDEU’s Mod Glossary
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby Telperion on Mon Jul 30, 2012 11:13 am

I'm in. I've never done anything extensively gimmicky (aside from the run-of-the-mill BPM/stop stuff) but I need some practice~


@@- wrote:
CondorTalon wrote:I'm in. I promise not to submit a shitty anime remix this time.
This sounds like something someone who wants to submit a shitty anime remix and not get found out immediately would say

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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby rikame on Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:13 pm

Neat. I already have one file to submit, but I'll likely make a second, more complicated one because I've been wanting to but I put it off all Summer. I'm in.
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby SteveReen on Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:04 pm

WinDEU should just submit his Sampling Paradise chart to this and own everyone.

I might make something for this (lol that's what I say about every comp and it never happens).
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby TaroNuke on Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:05 pm


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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby RelentlessRicky on Mon Jul 30, 2012 1:29 pm

Count me in! Just as one competition ends, another begins!

This will be a good way to really focus on my gimmick knowledge xD
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby Fraxtil on Mon Jul 30, 2012 2:28 pm

Oh hey, I guess this gives me an excuse to finish that gimmick chart I started a few weeks ago. I'm in.
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby EZA on Mon Jul 30, 2012 3:37 pm

I favor your files and have been trying to learn how to create gimmicks in a similar fashion. I am in but I cant garente I will finish in time.
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby SM MaxX on Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:42 pm

Ooh I could use a free shirt.
Sign me up!
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby Genoisawesome on Mon Jul 30, 2012 4:46 pm

Totally hype for this.

Won't be entering, but I would love to see the grooved up shit people can come up with for this

Edit: If WinDEU enters this, he's obviously winning. Lol.
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby /// on Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:07 pm

Genoisawesome wrote:Edit: If WinDEU enters this, he's obviously winning. Lol.

TaroNuke's entering, so there's already some pretty tough competition going on here.
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby SteveReen on Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:19 pm

Yeah, WinDEU and Taro are both insanely good at this shit haha. Can't wait to see what they do. I'll probably just do something mostly straightforward with like, maybe a first attempt at a foreground or something hah.
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby NotChaosUnown on Mon Jul 30, 2012 7:24 pm

I'm glad to see the interest in this. I look forward to seeing what you all come up with, for sure.
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby Jayce on Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:13 am

As much as I knew the addition of WinDEU and taro would blow the confidence for a lot of you I also think that the fact you know of them is your greatest advantage. You have access to all of the knowledge they've brought forth with their released charts and can learn how they did something easier than they learned how to do it initially.

Further to that (and this is just my opinion), but based on the SRT's that they have both made WinDEU and taro tend to specialise in distracting the player and making it harder for them to play a chart rather than giving the player a more amazing experience, however if WinDEU's Bass Cannon chart is anything to go by then he's at least capable of doing things that complement the chart too.

tl;dr - You don't need to make a foreground chart to win, a chart like Zimlord's Ants, is just as capable of taking first place as a chart that includes, mods or foregrounds, your most critical choice in this will actually be the song you decide to work with and how many doors it opens for you.
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Re: DivinElegy’s 1st Annual, Gimmick Competition! (Sign Up)

Postby Kytsune on Tue Jul 31, 2012 12:34 am

Yeah, I'm pretty down for this as long as I'm not lazy.
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