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Postby Horsey on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:12 am

I've quietly started a project in which I'm going to go through charts that have excess information in their stepauthor metadata and separating out all the excess into the description tag. I'll have a total writeup for this once I finalize code that Dguzek is willing to merge into his Simply Love port. I'll give an example whereby, say in the Betwixt and Between packs instead of Chino putting his stepauthor information in the metadata, he's putting stream measurements. SM5 offers three metadata categories that can be displayed per-chart, per difficulty. So, going forward, I'm including an .sm file with the original metadata and an .ssc file that gives proper steps credit to the author, while still preserving their original intent.


Files that have excess metadata mucking up the stepartist tags will be cleaned up for SM5 users by including an .ssc file that fully utilizes #DESCRIPTION and #CHARTNAME . In the future sometime, I'll hopefully have Dguzek merge my commit to his Simply Love port that marquees between chart author and the extra metadata.

If you're not using SM5 yet, and have the ability to install it, you should do so.

Here's a gif for those visually inclined:

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