The State of R21Freak

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The State of R21Freak

Postby Spooty Biscuit on Fri Feb 16, 2018 4:08 pm

Hey all. I was informed of the spambot problem so came to check it out. I found that it had been going on for nearly a month and had absolutely flooded all the boards. I did my best to clean it out, but unfortunately the platform used here is somewhat antiquated and cumbersome. In the end, I was forced to mass-purge all accounts (and posts associated with them) created after about January 28 (when the spambot problem started). I also narrowed down the anti-spambot registration question to hopefully keep them from getting in so easily.

I apologize if I hit any legitimate accounts by doing this, though a quick glance seemed to suggest it was a pretty safe course of action. While this was mostly successful, it failed to clear out the links to the (now empty) threads from some of the higher-profile spambots, leaving the FAQ, General, and Junkyard forums with hundreds of thousands of dead thread links that would have to be cleaned manually (the mass deletion tools provided unfortunately don't help here). At this point, I had to ask myself if this is worth the time and effort to fix, and I ultimately came to the conclusion of "probably not".

Between publicly-accessible ITG cabinets becoming somewhat of a unicorn-level scarcity, alternative options for rhythm gaming becoming much more available, many of the old file threads being dead links to Mediafire and Megaupload, and tournament/community organizers migrating to more centralized platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Discord, R21Freak has barely seen any notable activity in the past few years. It's running on old, inferior technology that's practically held together with duct tape, while much more reliable streamlined options are taking off.

This is probably not new news to most of you, but I'm pretty much done with administrative duties here at R21Freak, and currently have no plans to pick out a successor. At this point, it's my belief that the site has served its purpose. Many thanks to Sssmsm for very generously continuing to keep the site afloat all these years, despite not really having much of a personal interest in it for the past decade or so. And of course, thanks to all of you, our users, for all your contributions over the years. It's been fun.

P.S. As far as I know, the site's already paid for through most of next year, so enjoy it all while it's still around.
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