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Hello all!

Postby ChiefSkittles on Mon Feb 08, 2016 3:06 pm

Hiya folks. I've been a lurking member here for a good bit of time, but never really posted anything. Decided I'd change that now because I've started to try my hand at making simfiles and I wanted to at least introduce myself before asking for critique.

Been playing 4-panel for six or seven years now, mostly DDR because it was more easily available, but I'm also a fan of ITG/customs as well. For a while I was getting to where I could clear most 13s (ITG scale) but since good, working ITG cabinets are borderline nonexistent in southeast Alabama, I might have to work my way back up to it whenever I get access to a machine again. I'd also like to at least try Pump, but there aren't many machines within a reasonable distance, so that's a bit of a dream for now.

Anyway, yeah, just wanted to say hey. I'm going to post the first simfile I made in the individual files section, so I hope y'all like it. Any feedback on it would be most appreciated!
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