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* Ozuma fails an FC.

Postby Ozuma on Sun Jan 10, 2016 4:21 am

Hi everyone, I'm Ozuma.

I played some Stepmania a long time ago, along with a little Osu. Recently, I saw the Megalovania map by TaroNuke, and got back into Stepmania, and since ended up branching out to pretty much every other rhythm game on the face of the planet. Right now I'm working on learning lua in SM5 so I can make mod simfiles and themes.

I've never played an ITG cab in person, and haven't played a DDR cab in like 7 years for that matter, but I did get a pad so I can properly map for it at least. I know theres a (hopefully r21) cab at an arcade a little while from me, so I'll probably go over there soon enough.

The hardest file I've beaten on keyboard is Tachyon Epsilon's Sigatrev, and the hardest on pad is probably Speed of Light from Tachyon Alpha on Normal.

That's pretty much all I can say about myself! I hope I can make some decent charts for you all in the future!
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