Disclaimer (Description of the Junkyard)


Disclaimer (Description of the Junkyard)

Postby ixtli on Mon Feb 19, 2007 6:53 pm

Here will be kept the lowest of the low.

Any spam (this includes shameless advertisements, pointless thread creation, etc...), posts that violate policy, flame wars that get out of hand, and just about anything else not desirable on the main board will be moved here.

Content herein is not moderated (well, not moderated in a good way anyway - be prepared to potentially have your posts edited/deleted on the whims of mods who have power here), so with that as a disclaimer, please do not cite posts here in complaints or concerns taken up with moderators or administration.

An example of a Junkyard-worthy post was generously donated by our moderator friend staff member Gloves:

Gloves wrote:Yo wat up in this junkyad dog et fuked up wit flaim wrars anshit 8) :twisted: :twisted:

Oh yeah, does anyone have some tips for passing cartoon heroes heavy? I tried to get the gallops but you have to like cross your legs or something during them and I don't know I think it's it is harder than psmo oni well not really but it's pretty hard probably like, a 10 or something not a 9, I mena matsuri japan is a 9 and that's like a 2 compared to this lool :roll:
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